Monthly Archives: February 2013

Fried Okra

One of my favorite summertime foods when I was growing up from fried okra.  I loved it when dad would bring it into the kitchen fresh from the garden; I knew mom would be fixing it for supper.  I remember my brothers walking into the kitchen while mom was frying the okra and grabbing a handful.  There never seemed to… (more…)

Potato Casserole

My mom used to make a potato casserole similar to this one.  It was the casserole she would take to church potlucks and everyone loved it.  This is an updated version that is creamier and richer in flavor and is a hit at our house. Potato Casserole – serves 8 2 lb hashbrowns (thawed) 8 oz sour cream 4 oz… (more…)

Fresh Pasta

There is nothing better than fresh pasta and nothing easier to make.  Probably best I didn’t know how easy fresh pasta was to make before, but now it is the only pasta my kids will eat.  In fact, the other day my son asked what was for dinner and I told him pasta and sauce.  He asked if it was… (more…)